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Firm Massage:

For those wanting a firmer touch. This ultimate relaxation massage is designed to stimulate the circulation and sooth tight muscles with a firmer touch or slightly deeper pressure through techniques and strokes without the intense deep tissue. Stress will melt away.

60 minutes  $65     90 minutes  $90     120 minutes $125

Deep Tissue Massage:

A variety of bodywork techniques/movements used to reach deeper muscle layers to relieve aches, pain and stiffness.

Customized to address your personal areas of concern.

30 minutes  $40    60 minutes  $70    90 minutes  $95

Therapeutic Massage:

This therapy is designed for clients in need of soft tissue injury treatment. Designed for Doctor referral, customized for each client’s needs based on injury or condition.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance Accepted (PIP)

Labor & Industries Insurance Accepted (L & I)

60 minutes  $120 to $140 per unit

Stone Massage:

Smooth, water heated round river stones are used to apply & radiate heat with pressure along with energy points to alleviate fatigued muscles. This massage is invigorating as well as relaxing with many health benefits.

                   90  minutes  $95

Mother To Be Massage:

Massage during pregnancy is said to help strengthen the mother/child bond and is great because it relaxes two people at once. Paying close attention to the areas of the body that are strained during pregnancy.

60 minutes 75$  

Sports Massage:

Used to help prevent injuries,  to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition,  a therapeutic way to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries.

30 minutes $40     60 minutes $60

Exhale Swedish Relaxation Massage:

This European classic therapy stimulates circulation and soothes tight muscles by incorporating a light touch through various techniques with long, gliding strokes. The ultimate in relaxation.

Once again leaving you the ease to exhale.

60 minutes  $55       90 minutes  $75      120 minutes $100

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